1 Day to Go!



Chef Ryo Kitahara will be making canapés for this years festival. Heres a delicious preview of some of his past creations :)

Wabi Sabi Salon

Ginger Pork Baguette


  • Horse Bazaar (Yakitori skewers)
  • Zero Lam (Japanese street food - Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, vegetarian option available)
  • Coffee
  • Japanese Sweets


Ceramics by Dianne Collins

Illustrations by Kana Wieland


Handmade accessories

Henna Tattoos

Handmade cat ears

Hair braids




Come experience a wide range of traditional craft, art, and language workshops!

(The majority of workshops are free, with a few requiring material costs between $1-10)

- Kirigami (traditional paper cutting craft)
- Origami (the art of folding paper into various figures)
- How to use chopsticks
- Manga drawing
- Soroban (abacus)
- Balance tonbo
- Shuji (calligraphy)
- Kimono wearing
- Reiki/massage
- Shogi (Japanese chess)
- JLPT exam tips
- Kanji practice
- Haiku
- Sumie (ink painting)
- Pastel art
- Tamara healing
- Sado (tea ceremony)
- Quoits
- Kendama
- Yoyo
- Kingyo
- Balloon art



Zumba Fitness with Yuki Reiss 


STAGE 11:10 - 11:20
Ichimadin and Sanshin Students (Okinawan Music)

Ichimadin is an Okinawan music band formed in 2010 and performing at several festivals and events in Victoria. The current members are Chiemi, Ami, Masa, Ronald and Junko. Ichimadin means "Forever" in Okinawan language.

STAGE 11:45 - 12:00
Australia Miyake Kai (Japanese taiko drumming)

Australia Miyake Kai was formed in 2012 to enable people from different backgrounds to practice Miyake Taiko together. We aim to introduce this style drumming to new audiences through demonstrations at local festivals and events. Our group has been officially recognized by Miyake-jima Geino Doshi-kai in Japan, along with sister practice groups in Singapore and the USA.

STAGE 12:05 - 12:15
YOSAKOI ZEN (Yosakoi Dance)

STAGE 12:15 - 12:30
Shusaku “Higashu” Higa (Sound effect magic) FROM OKINAWA!

“Higashu” is a sound effect performer travelling to Melbourne for the first time! We are looking forward to his performance at this year’s festival.

STAGE 13:30 - 13:50
ATOM (Hip Hop / Dance Music / Spoken Word)

Debuting as the MC of hip hop group Spiritual Juice, ATOM has also released five albums with hip hop band SUIKA. Past shows include performances at the Fuji Rock festival and a tour of France. Since 2012 ATOM has been focusing on solo work and is currently based in Australia.

STAGE 12:35 - 12:45
Sam Hue On (Piano)

Sam Hue On will be performing piano music written by famous Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi. 

STAGE - A.YA & Dokkoisa Wachi Kai

STAGE 13:55-14:10
SATOCO (Pantomime)

SATOCO is a pantomime artist based in Tokyo. We are really excited for her first JCAF performance at this year’s festival!

Twitter: @tocotocosatoco
Instagram: satocotosatoco

STAGE 14:15 - 14:30

STAGE 14:35 - 14:55
SOFA SOUL (Funky Wasabi Groove)

SOFA SOUL is a mixed bag of well seasoned session musicians who are regularly playing gigs around Melbourne who share their musical passion with all those who love funky groove. SOFA SOUL play from their heart and soul, making funky solid beats, with stylish jazz sounding chords and melodies, soulful and lively vocals, plus chunky rap. Playing a versatile collection of funky and soulful originals and covers. 

STAGE 15:00 - 15:20
Melbo-ren (Awa Odori)

Awa Odori is the largest dance festival in Japan, endearingly called the "Fool's Dance". This nickname comes from the lyrics to a common dance song, which translates as: “The dancers are fools, the spectators are fools, both are fools, so why not dance together?”. Melbourne’s own Awa Odori group called Melbo Ren was conceived in homage to the original. The deceptively simple moves are accompanied by an up beat two-beat rhythm. We cordially invite you to embrace the spirit and fun of the ‘Fool’s Dance’ and join us during our performance.

STAGE 12:05 - 12:15
YOSAKOI ZEN (Yosakoi Dance)


Proceeds will be donated to The Hatachi Fund and The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

== Japan Culture and Art Festival 2015 == Sunday October 11, 11:00 - 16:00 Collingwood Town Hall (140 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford) Entry is $5 (free if you wear kimono, yukata, or jinbei) Proceeds will be donated to The Hatachi Fund and The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. The Hatachi Fund is a Japanese financial body that aims to provide ongoing support for education and independence for children living in the areas stricken by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami so that they can grow into independent twenty-year-old adults who will in turn support society at large (twenty-years-old, hatachi, is the age of maturity in Japan). http://www.hatachikikin.com/en_about The Royal Children's Hospital improves the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents through leadership in healthcare, research and education. http://www.rch.org.au/rch/about/



今年のテーマは「One day trip to Japan」。
場所:コリンウッドタウンホール(Collingwood Town Hall - 140 Hoddle st)
☆Hurstbrdige line / South Morang lineのCollinwood駅目の前です。
日時:10月11日(日)10:45開場 11:00〜16:00
※本祭の売上は「東北震災ハタチ基金」と「Royal Children's Hosptail」に寄付致します。


日本文化芸術祭ボランティア大募集!! 一緒に参加してお祭りを盛り上げよう!!

場所:Collingwood Town Hall (Collingwood駅のすぐ前です。) 










Japan Culture and Art Festival Committee
0430-951-188(Minako Fujita)
Facebook: japancultureandartfestival
Web site:http://japancultureandartfestival.blogspot.com.au/



-Japan Culture and Art Festival- Seeking volunteers!! Let’s liven it up together!!

Place: Collingwood Town Hall (nearby Collingwood station)
Date: sun/11th/October/ 11:00-16:00

The volunteer staff will be required between 9:00-17:00. We will provide you with lunch and there will be an after party for all staff/volunteers after the festival (Free).

☆Hall Assistant☆
The Japanese Culture and Art Festival is a celebration of Japanese culture with the aim to allow everyone within Melbourne community the opportunity to experience Japanese culture through a wide range of activities. 
We hope to create a wonderful festival this year and are seeking volunteer members to help make this possible. There are many ways to help including reception, work shop assistant, stage assistant and many more. Not only is it a great chance to bring your energy and talents to the day but also a great opportunity to meet Japanese members of the community and those who share an interest in Japan.

Please send in your applications expressing your interest in this rare opportunity and together we can make this a memorable experience for all!!

-------- Seeking other staff --------
Markets: If you would like to sell your handmade products please feel free to contact us. There is a limited space that will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Art works: If you would like to exhibit your art, please feel free to contact us. It’s a great opportunity to promote your work. It is desirable that you come on the day. You are welcome to join us our workshops and even teach something if you wish. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Examples: photos, drawing, Japanese flower arrangement (ka do), calligraphy (sho do), bonsai, sumie, design, film, caricature and so on.

Workshop: We are seeking some staff who can help with our workshops. It’s a great opportunity to introduce Japanese culture to people who have an interest in it. We will provide you with a table (0.6mx2.4m, total 10 people available) and chairs. You are required to demonstrate and provide engaging experiences for guests in an area of Japanese culture of your choosing. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Examples: shiatsu (shiatsu finger pressure therapy), calligraphy (syodo), Japanese flower arrangement (kado), Japanese tea ceremony (sado), origami, nail art, kendo, ninjya, massage, kendama, koma, syamisen, kimono, hyakunin-isyu, Japanese gal meke up and so on… 

Performers: A great opportunity to show your talent by performing on our stage. The concept of this festival is to “experience culture”.  You are welcome to join us our workshops and even teach something if you wish. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

Examples: Band, Choir, wa-daiko, comical performance, syamisen, koto, magic, dance, fashion show and so on…

Japan Culture and Art Festival Committee
0430-951-188(Minako Fujita)

It is “Culture day (Bunka no hi)” on November 3rd in Japan. There are many Japanese people living in Melbourne who have great skills but do not have many places to present their abilities, while there are many Australian people who love Japan and Japanese Culture. These people do not have many opportunities to experience both traditional and modern Japanese culture.

All Performers, artists and workshop teachers are volunteers and happy to contribute their skills. This event will not only help people understand and experience Japan’s beautiful culture but also make a stronger bridge between Australian and Japanese people in Melbourne.


About venue (会場について)





This year we're going back to our original venue, Collingwood Town Hall! The hall has undergone renovations since the last time the festival was held there. We had to wait for 3 years (!)

We went to have a look at the refurbished venue the other day - so clean and kind of modern even though it is a historical building! It is is barrier free, furthermore there is now a nappy change room ! They have taken into account the needs of all kinds of people.

A parent's room will be available at our festival. All families are welcome to join us!

There is a separate Senior Citizen's Centre situated next to the main hall. We will be utilising this building for some cultural workshops while the main hall will feature performances and more workshops.

Outside, we will be filling the park with food stalls and markets, and a couple of performances and workshops. It will be so much fun!

3 months to go...experience the culture, enjoy the arts and meeting people through this festival!


The Japan Culture and Art Festival 2015 is happening!

Hi all!

We are very happy to announce that we are going to run the festival this year!

Date: Sunday the 11th of Oct
Time: 11:00-16:00
Venue: Collingwood town hall
Contents: Performances, Culture workshops, Art exhibition, Craft market and food.

The concept is 'Experience' and 'Exchange' the cultures and the people.
Please join this unique festival and enjoy yourself!

*If you are interested in helping our festival as a volunteer, performer, workshop, artist, craft market and food stall or chef, please do not hesitate to contact us on jcafstaff@gmail.com

See you all there!


Festival Charities for 2013

To begin our upcoming posts over the next month we will start with this year's charities!

The JCAF Committee has decided that 2013 is a great opportunity to give back to the communities that have supported us over the years! This year the collected donations will be split three way. The theme behind the split is Australia, Japan and the World.

The three charities we will be supporting this year are the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation, the World Food Programme and Ashinaga.

All donations collected throughout the day will be split evenly 3 ways and donated to these 3 charities so please, during the festival feel free to make a donation and help support these great charities.

The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation
The projects, initiatives and activities funded by donated money creates outcomes that are above and beyond the hospital's normal day-to-day activities. They ensure the highest standard of care and ongoing improvements  in paediatric healthcare outcomes for all children.
Blurb taken from this page.

Ashinaga (English)
Ashinaga's mission:
To utilize broad-based philanthropic support to achieve the following:
  • Provision of scholarships, in the form of interest-free loans.
  • Promotion of educational endeavors. 
  • Provision of emotional support to children who have lost one or both parents as a result of illness, accident/disaster, or suicide, as well as children who have a parent with a disability that prevents them from working.
Blurb taken from this page
Blurb taken from this page.

World Food Program (English)
WFP is the food aid arm of the United Nations system. Food aid is one of the many instruments that can help to promote food security, which is defined as access of all people at all times to the food needed for an active and healthy life. 
Blurb taken from this page
Blurb taken from this page


It begins: The Japan Culture and Art Festival 2013 is confirmed!

Welcome to 2013 everyone!

The Japan Culture and Art Festival is happening again in 2013!

This year the details are;

Japan Culture and Art Festival
15th of December 2013
North Melbourne Town Hall

The precise time will be announced at a later date.

Our committee had it's first meeting last week and here is a photo of the committee!

The 2013 Committee Members
If you are interested in becoming a committee members please feel to get in contact with us! We are still looking at people to make this festival even better than last year's festival!

Finally below is a video of the festival from last year, created by Toshi. It should give you a feel of what you might experience at this year's festival!


See you all TOMORROW!!

The Japan Culture and Art Festival is TOMORROOOOOOOOW! 

Day: 25 November (Sunday)
Venue:North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne VIC

Festival Opens at 10.30 AM
Performances start at 11 AM
Entrance fee: $2 (Free for guests who come in Japanese traditional costume/yukatas)

Amazing performance, workshops, craft market, food and art exhibition are waiting for you!
Enjoy yourself, have a great experience with us!

Mata ashita!!!!!


WORKSHOPS - what can you try at the festival!!!

You can take these WORKSHOPS at the festival!!
Learning new things, Having fun, It will be a new experience for you!!

●Main Hall & Entrance (Main stage / Ground Floor)
Ninja / Aikido 忍者/合気道
Body Jewellery ボディジュエリー
Kendama 剣玉
Sumie – ink painting 墨絵
How to draw Manga 漫画教室
How to use chopsticks お箸の使い方
Hair style ヘアースタイル
Calligraphy with big brush 書道 大筆
Calligraphy with small brush 書道 小筆
Koma – spinning Top 独楽
Origami – Folding pager art 折り紙
Kirigami – Cutting paper art 切り紙
Nihon Buyo – Traditional Dance 日本舞踊
Wanage – Ring Toss 輪投げ
3zzz Radio experience ラジオ体験

●Meeting Room (Workshop area / 1st floor)
Shogi 将棋
Go 囲碁
Kamizaiku - wicker horse 紙細工
Skincare & Makeover  メイキャップ講座
Urushi/metal accessories 漆/メタルアクセサリー
Metal accessories メタルアクセサリー
JLPT exam tips 日本語能力試験対策
Kanji 漢字
Beads Jewellery ビーズジュエリー
Pastel art パステルアート
Furoshiki 風呂敷
Making badge バッチ制作
Flower arrangement 生け花
Easy Travel Conversation 旅行会話 
Tarot タロット占い
Kitsuke – kimono wearing 着付け

●Supper Room ( Second stage / basement)
Goldfish catching & Yo-Yo tsuri 金魚つり/ヨーヨー釣り
Kabuki Face Painting 歌舞伎フェースペインティング


●Warehouse ( Detached buidling)

Tea Ceremony
Sake tasting  酒試飲


Enjoy and try everything!!



We have Craft Market, too!

You will be able to find lots of unique things in our craft market, all hand made / original design!

Do not miss this opportunity to get special gifts for your friends/ family or yourself!!

But remember... they accept only CASH!

Enjoy shopping!

There are three stages in the festival!

Main Hallのステージだけでなく、ARTHOUSE & WAREHOUSE2つの会場が!
日本文化芸術祭の舞台となるNorth Melbourne Town HallではARTHOUSEと呼ばれるメインホールの他にもWAREHOUSEという建物もあります、今年はその両方の会場を使ってイベントが行われます。メインホール(ARTHOUSE)には、地下にあるBasement FloorそしてGround Floorその上にもUpper Floorとフロアが3つ!用意されています。

今年はステージが3つ!Main Stageはメインホール1階、Basement Stageはメインホールの地下、そしてArt StageはWAREHOUSEにそれぞれ設置されています!その3つのステージでメインステージに出演するパフォーマーの紹介は一部ですが以前取り上げていますので、今回は他の2つのステージのパフォーマーを簡単に紹介致します。


11:30 篠笛 by AYAKO

12:20 日本舞踊

12:50 俳句

13:30 三味線 by Jim

14:30 パペット落語 by 笑福亭笑子

15:00 沖縄三線 by AYAKO

さて、このWAREHOUSEの会場ではこのArt Stageの他にも、茶道、鉄道模型、日本酒試飲、そして若手アーティストのエキシビションと子供から大人までたっぷりと楽しめる内容になっていますので、ぜひお立ち寄りください。

Basement Floor

11:30 YAMATO


12:50 Shigeo Furukawa

13:30 Take Futaba

14:10 笛福朗

14:50 Izumi Nakase